STOMP! the Broadway Show is due to close their tour in Boston come April. Due to Corona Virus gatherings have been closed. This the shit that makes me crazy and you know, STOMP! Hit something or like just listen to the best drummer in the world Shivamani.  I am no Shivamani but the head of audio for STOMP! let me hit a few drums on set while we were setting up. All awesome things to view in quarantine too (3/26/20)

Epic Love to Move Your Heart

Traditional Turkish Music is played without frets on the guitar because it is understood that much more lies between the lines. Between the lines and without traditional rules constraining the rhythmic dance of percolating fingers, love is played through sound waves. Cenk, an incredible guitar player uses a microtonal guitar to perform incredible ballads of love. With the purest light shining through his eyes he asked me to run away with him but unfortunately I cannot.. Love him for me (3/26/20)

Jack White Doesn’t Have A Phone

Jack White is great because the man has no phone. He just wanders around, creating gold. So it was incredibly awkward when he came up to me and asked if I could call Jack White. Without breaking eye contact I phoned his assistant. I couldn’t get through. He said that will do, I’m going to go ask some other people over there. Jack, I don’t want a phone too. Thanks for keeping the world on our toes. Miss you! (3/26/20)

Big Brains of Montana

Bringing people together is all what music is made for. My initial thought upon introduction was, okay another jam band that needs a writer. Then a groupie told me they make their own lyrics in the stories of their lives, by inspiring rag tag hippies and people just trying to get by to perform. Specifically, the announcer of this gang of musicians is the famous corn on the cob salesman of Bozeman. Find him on stage or roadside with fresh corn and stories from the fields of Woodstock. (1/28/20)

Miami Roofing

No rooftops for C sought by the sea and ye we be going up like skyscrapers while I still be biking frank ocean. Views on the ground keep me even keel nothing to trip on. Keepin my grip on while we talkin money. You wheel up. Hop in the jag and party you said.  Cash me at the library booked (1/5/20).

Call Me Jim

To see your eyes, those hiding eyes...your never ending grin reveals your heart in this world of sin. You sunshine rise through those open wide eyes of a heart that’s wise in which there will never be in pain again. A human body hides beyond those smiling eyes, a master magician. An inspirational musician (12/10/19)


Hello, I am here to say this party girl has gone soft. Soft like the ultra soft T-shirt’s the Oshima brothers sell. Soft like the decorative cards their mother made to carry love notes inside. Soft like the feeling of my skin as I tingle all over listening to the sounds that this brother band plays all over the eastern seaboard. Amazing, down to earth brothers with amazing talent, are spreading warmth and softness wherever they go. Bros, thanks for stopping first in Saratoga on tour (11/9/19)

Who Wrote The Book of Love

IDK. I’m still reading it myself. I asked around, and I found some folks with spark-notes. Chapter one : fall madly desperately uncontrollably in love. Chapter two: tell her you’re never never never gonna part. Chapter 3: remind her tenderly. Chapter 4: break up. Beaux-who-who? Chapter 5: give a second chance. Owl view 5ever. Six? The New York Serenaders remind us to love in the city that doesn’t sleep. They’ll convey those same three words In notes that stick in your head all day (11/8/19).

inner child pride

Driving from Boston to where I grew up, I am pulled over by MAPD. Officer says: “where you going. Where you from.” I say NY. “imma ask you again, where you from now?” Boston, sir. He let me off with a warning, ”don’t make that mistake again.” I won’t. Tho roots are where they lie and I can’t hide how they grew wide. Happy to be in Boston. Thrilled by my childhood with the strong artistic environment around me which nurtured my tree (10.10.19)


Sorry for the silence, I was sad and alone as tends to happen to everyone from time to time. As my friend Rock Sakura demostrates so lovely. Enjoy her enjoying her snack. Look for me on your local television channel helping an old mentor commercialize veganism (likely Ms. Glendora Folsom of the SS Glendora editted out my bit about hot dogs BUT still worth the gander).  Sending my love to the people who share their opinions on things no matter how unpopular (9.16.19).

Democratized Media for Musicians

Friendly reminder that we are a democracy with the power resting in the people of the United States. Instead of complaining about the disaster of our country, create something better and share with public access media. Adelphia News is representative of one of the many public access channels available, showcasing the good things that our country has to offer, such as musical talent. (7.30.2019)

Serendipitous Friends

With first encounter at the Dead and Co show, I should not be surprised to have bumped into the Tracy family soon again later at another musical event. They are just too cool. A great song writer with a revolving band of her own, Devan Tracy released her third album on her brother's birthday, the other day. At the party, her incredible parents eyes sparkled with pride of a life surrounding a musical core built from love. It was amazing to spend another special day with them (7/11/2019).

Still Feel Like my Man

Last night Dead and Co played a sold out show at SPAC. Without a ticket, a kind roadie escorted me in to see my man Mayer during set break. I did not have the chance to kiss his face like I wanted to but in the crowd I felt bright as ever. The high frequency vibrations of John, Oteil and Bob's strings sent passion red energy in the shape of the red mandala throbbing forward to those with open hearts and igniting a resonance of heavenly rift to heal the broken and wounded. (6/19/19)

Hello Goodbye

At Caffe Lena, I met Voice winner Sawyer Fredrick for his three day residency to celebrate David Bowie's birthday on May 24th. The same weekend this voice winner sold out the weekend, Voice judge Adam Levine announced his departure from the show. Adam, I don't know why you say goodbye when I say hello. Hello Hello! Hopefully big changes to the blog and original content are to come as I hook back up with my favorite underground music scene. (6/1/2019).

Birthday Blues

Worry not. I am not sad; rather thinking about eyes: all the amazing friends and perfect strangers who have them. Like those eyes that stopped me in my tracks from singing along to Walk the Moon live at Ithaca. I must admit tis a tough thing to do. I love to sing a good tune and HELlOO Walk the Moon has some uplifting ones. Running wild in the grass, I'm often last to leave the show. I'll have you know I was first to place against the band that day. I beat Nick in pool. (5.15.19)

Call Me When It's Over

As a fan you have never lost, I am happy to have seen you sipping at telegraph. I wasn't sober enough to ask for your name but from a friend of barney's to a woman of my own heart: thanks for putting words to what falling apart feels like. I hope you're still killing the game D, sober or wiser for not (4/9/2019).

Crown Prince of Analogue Hardware

This dear prince, not only shreds guitar between shopping for mushrooms and witnessing police abuse of power in the streets with me, he is also an amazing synthesizer and musician attracting the attention of  music legends like Yukikiro Takahashi. He's the lover prince of Fillmore, Rish. He does make some pretty great music and I'm honored to know him. This is his senior thesis from Drexel University (2/23/2019)

The Uber Aux Cord

In Uberlandia

In the first state of the app by phone driver and lift service, I found some interesting people from Danish Diplomats, to Afghani veterans of the US army. My favorite, and first introduction to Uberlandia was the Brazilian Guitar Player Paulo Melo. Who sometimes plays with Arctic Monkeys (1/23/2019)

The Tree Top

The Tree Top

In star light of the recent party I have attended, there has been someone I had to speak to before the true change of the new year. Mac Miller. You will be greatly missed. You're truly an angel. Mikey, you truly an angel for the tree top. I'm glad you got your best day ever (1/5/2019).

2019 Will Bring Great things

These were the words to which Gray Tolhurst toasted his champagne glass to a roof full of people, who stood watching the San Francisco fireworks at the stroke of midnight. As everyone cried out in excitement, we agreed that all that has been learned in 2018 will manifest in growth in this new year. I am happy to start my new year living with some of the most talented artists in San Francisco at the Artist Convent in Lower Haight. Cheers to new beginnings (1/3/2019)